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Academic Network

Pharmacovigilance, Adverse Event and Recall Services

A product recall or adverse event situation is an opportunity to demonstrate a high level of commitment to your customer. Our clients trust Academic Network health experts to provide excellent customer care, accurate information and meticulous reporting at highly critical moments.

  • Knowledgeable Staff

    The Academic Network contact center is staffed by registered nurses, dietitians and health trained general operators. Our collective experience allows us to respond quickly, with acute knowledge and sensitivity, to your customers in the event of a product recall, adverse event or product quality complaint.

  • Contact Center

    Our 100-seat call center in Portland, Oregon and our 300-seat capacity call center in Indianapolis offer clients the capacity and redundancy to handle any size project. The Academic Network team is extremely responsive, using a combination of live call handling, IVR and online resources.

  • Quality Commmittment

    Academic Network management and staff is driven by a corporate-wide committment to quality. From rigorous contact center quality monitoring to consultative work with our clients to mirror corporate policies and procedures, our team is dedicated to quality assurance that ensures regulatory compliance and best practices.

  • Fulfillment and Notification

    We offer a wide variety of fulfillment services and notification / response services such as: confidential data registries, traceable direct deliveries, safety alerts, physician communications, interactive voice response and voice broadcast tools for product support.

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Academic Network works with you to effectively use social media as a means of mitigating a crisis situation and improving communications with your customer base. Our social media experts monitor online conversations concerning your brand to ensure that you're aware and engaged when conversations are going on about your business, markets and products.

  • Breadth of clients

    Our adverse event and recall services extend to clients in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, healthcare, biotechnology and nutraceutical industries.

From product development to REMS support and potential recall and adverse event situations, Academic Network is at your service for the lifespan of your product. Decades of customer care enable us to protect the reputation of your brand, and most importantly, the confidence of your consumers.