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Academic Network

Cervical Dystonia Clinical Trial Recruitment

Cervical Dystonia (CD) is a condition associated with abnormal movements of the
neck and head, which may result in considerable pain and discomfort. Academic Network
conducted a clinical trial recruitment campaign for a new medication for CD by a
European pharmaceutical company that specializes in addressing unmet medical needs
with innovative health care solutions. The campaign was conducted in conjunction
with Fleishman-Hillard, an international public relations company with offices throughout
the world.

The study required the enrollment of 222 patients with cervical dystonia, of whom
39% had to be treatment-naïve, within nine months of its Phase III movement disorder
study. Challenges to achieving this goal included a small patient population, aggressive
timeframe, unengaged study sites, and the similarity of the compound to one already

Academic Network’s call center staff educated CD patients about the opportunity
to participate in the study utilizing an extensive patient organization outreach
campaign and an in-depth prescreening process. Academic Network’s medical professionals
engaged participating study sites with extensive recruitment support and followed
up with every potential patient referral. Targeted outreach strategies drove more
than 3,200 calls to the call center; 47% of the contacts completed the prescreening
and 52% of those were referred to study sites for follow-up. Ultimately, 30% of
the study’s treatment-naïve participants and 14% of pretreated participants were
recruited through the Academic Network campaign.