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Academic Network

Roche Labs Inc.

Academic Network developed a live operator, outbound telephone nutrition counseling service, utilizing registered dietitians, as a customer service component of the original Xenical® customer support program XeniCare. Academic Network professional staff was responsible for integrating our contact center operation into that of the general contact center, which enrolls patients into XeniCare. The dietitian counselors were trained and monitored by Academic Network’s professional staff. Scheduling, scripting, hardware, programming, and reporting systems as well as the contact center infrastructure and long-distance service for this project were either developed or provided by Academic Network. In this process, Academic Network services were integrated into those provided by multiple vendors involved in XeniCare.

Academic Network developed and processed personalized fulfillment materials for the XeniCare consumers who called the nutritional counseling center. Customized letters were processed and mailed on a daily basis to all participants. The mailing and fulfillment program was integrated with the customer support database.